So how can I assist your company?

I can only give you a general idea of the services you may require. If I have not mentioned something specific, which you have in mind, and you feel that there is a way in which I may be able to assist, then please contact me.

Perhaps you need advice on how to launch a new product; perhaps a press conference or a dealer conference. Or you may require the occasional services of a PR professional to write a press release or technical article, with no further commitment to full time contractual work.

Alternatively you may require a PR professional to work along side personnel in your company to inject the PR element into a project or assist an in-house marketing person.

Perhaps you are considering revamping your corporate or technical literature or organising the production of a company newspaper.

My combination of national and international PR and publishing gives me an exceptional ‘knowledge bank’ on which I can draw

There are many possibilities.

Few technical marketing communications consultants can match my level of national and international knowledge across such a wide spread of consumer, DIY and industry. Holding top positions in leading consultancies, and as in-house PRO for major companies, associations and institutes, I have been responsible for the marketing profile of industrial and consumer accounts for a wide range of national and international companies.

A patent holder myself I have worked closely with inventors/patent specialists on new projects and ideas and successfully launched a number of new products.

Operating marketing communications campaigns for national & international companies, which are themselves leaders in their particular industry, I have been responsible for establishing and maintaining the world-wide profile of international companies and have experience of working in Russia, the USA, Scandinavia and Europe.

I have worked alongside advertising agencies, graphic design teams, publishing and printing houses, and other external agencies/bodies to promote company profile, products and services.

Lecturing on construction related subjects for over 6 years, I was Editor of a number of leading industry based magazines, have written freelance, and am currently a member of The National Union of Journalists and The Institute of Public Relations.

Latest Project - Garden Rooms

I have been advising and assisting the guy who goes the website promotion for Future Rooms a manufacturer of garden offices in Oxfordshire to write informative blog posts and press releases.