A member of the National Union of Journalists since 1966, and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations since 1977 Ray has over 40 years experience in the journalism related industry.

Qualified in construction his background incorporates working national and international companies in a wide range of industries. (see companies). While Ray has specialised in construction he has also worked in automotive, extraction industry, chemical, professional institute, fire and security, computers, engineering, manufacturing, highways, health & safety, transport and related industries.

Holding a patent of his own he has also worked with patent breakers and has represented clients in the retail, consumer and DIY markets.

Following six years as a lecturer in building subjects, his publishing background started in 1966 when he was appointed a technical writer on an industry leading 35,000 circulation weekly publication ‘Illustrated Carpenter & Builder’ with the Thompson Group. Within six months he was appointed Technical Editor and then six months later Deputy Editor. During his three years with the publication there was an editorial staff of four and two secretaries who, between them, had to provide an average of 80 pages of editorial per week, which covered, commissioning material, attending press launches, research, writing, sub editing, page layout and final proofing.

Offered the position of Communications Officer for the Institute of Plumbing, he devised, designed, launched, and edited Plumbing and Mechanical Services for the Institute. In his role as Publisher/Editor of the 25,000 circulation quarterly publication he was responsible for all related functions including budgeting and mailing.

He was then head hunted for a similar position at the Institute of Building as Editor of Building Technology and Management.

Joining the Morgan Grampian group as Editor, to relaunch the title change from Muckshifter to Construction Plant and Equipment, Ray spent three years, travelling throughout Europe visiting manufacturers plants and fulfilling the normal functions of an Editor of an industry leading monthly publication.

As a PR consultant Ray has been commissioned both as a freelance and PR consultant to research and write specialist articles for a wide range of national and international technical publications. He has also produced a wide range of literature in various languages for his PR clients.